We are creators. We are visionaries. We are inspired and strive to inspire others.

Pomme is a chic and an intimate high-end hair salon specializing in Sassoon cutting, trendy coloring and top-notch highlighting techniques. Whether you are looking for a conventional hairstyle, or a trendy change, Pomme’s Hair Designer’s will consult with you to help you define your best look. 

We are a guest-focused-salon that creates and delivers a dynamic experience, connects with the human spirit, consistently outperforms the normal expectations, creates beautiful-healthy hair at an affordable price, and provides an inspiring and challenging environment for our employees to work.
We have a wide array of salon services to choose from, including, ombre’, balayage highlighting, smoothing treatments and texturizing services. Whether your hair is curly, frizzy, coarse, frail, brittle, or thin, your stylist will personalize your service to help you achieve the beauty you deserve.